Saturday, July 25, 2009

I may get fired, but here's a sneak peek! shhh

Welll, since I have been so busy getting ready for tomorrow night's Gina K Designs previews (starts at 10pm CST tomorrow night!) I thought I'd risk showing just a LITTLE peek...

Scrollll down.....

Keep scrolllingggggg....

We have to keep this secret ya know, I LOVE being on the DT!! But I am willing to risk it JUST for ya'll....

BWahahahahaha!! Couldn't resist! LOL! This IS the backside of a preview card for tomorrow night though! Just wait till you see all the awesome stamp sets this month!! I am so excited to show you that I had to tease a LITTLE bit, lol. And to apologize for being so busy that I havent posted a card alll week! Anyways, just be sure and check Gina's blog tomorrow night, Sunday the 26th at 10pm CST for the start of the previews! You will NOT be disappointed then! I PROMISE, no more backside of cards! LOL!

I have had to help my daughter over the last few days...she hurt her back and we actually had to call an ambulance to come get her because she could not move and I could not lift her, me or her Dad together couldnt. They did an MRI and we should know more Monday. As for right now, they are treating it as muscle spasms. But she is in sooo much pain and still cannot move even after them sending her home this evening. If she just lays flat out on her back in the bed, and takes the muscle relaxers and pain meds they gave her, she will rest, but if she has to get up to go to bathroom, it takes her forever to even get up to edge of bed and through tears and pain she finally makes say a prayer for her and hopefully she will get relief from the pain soon. Pain is not an easy thing to deal with I know.

Ok, that's all for tonight! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and see ya tomorrow night, 10pm!!

Card Details:
Stamps: ?????
Papers: Pure Luxury Soft Sand from Gina K
Accessories: red ribbon, and ???????



Brenda said...

Oh Cat you naughty girl. You almost let the "Cat" out of the bag. Funny post!

I hope you daughter gets to feeling better very soon, pain is not fun to have to deal with. I can sympathize with her about getting up to go to the bathroom. Last winter when I had my knee surgery just getting up to go took forever and then I would need a nap afterward. Take card of her and don't worry about making cards and posting unless you feel like it and have the time.

Patti J. said...

Cat, you are such a tease! I actually thought you were going to show something besides a little red satin! Shame on you! Lol - can't wait to see the new stamps! So sorry to hear about DD. Hopefully, if it is spasms, they will get it under control very quickly and she will feel better and you will have time to stamp!!! Hugs and prayers!

Pattyjo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter, that can be very painful.
I will keep her in my prayers.

I loved the card had us going. LOL
Pattyjo :+)

Stampin' Pam said...

OMG Cat I LOVE this new stamp set - it will go with absolutely EVERYTHING and will make cards go together in just a snap - almost in a just a minute! How simple can that be. It's perfect for a male or female recipient and works for any occasion too - thank you, birthday, wedding, baby - I mean the recipient will know exactly why they received this card - it's just SO unique - tell Gina she's a genius and no, I won't tell a soul. The perfect set! I bet it's a good price too :-)

On a more serious note - Prayers go out for your daughter that they will find the answer and the solution right away.

Lori said...

You stinker!
Good one, Cathy. I can't wait to see what you did w/ all the new rubber. Wow, I know how your daughter feels. I was in pain and on serious pain meds for almost a year. I had never had such pain in my life. [{(had a car wreck, constant head pain, and c-section)}] I ended up having neurosurgery, it felt like a miracle, the horrible pain was gone. Please tell her not to be afraid to ask for pain medicine. In my prayers!

Scrubbysue said... are so cute cat! I hope your enjoying your sunday. :)

redwasher1 said...

Cat finally a card I can case!!! LOL You gave me a good laugh. Sorry your daughter is in so much pain hopefully things will improve FAST! Geri

Melanie said...

hee hee, i did this one time, too i think some people are still peeved or laughing a year later! graet minds!!
prayers!! hugs!!

Laurie in MN said...


I threw out my back and had to crawl on hands and knees to the bathroom. It took three days before I could slowly move. Hopefully, your daughter will soon feel better and be able to get therapy to relieve the pain and strengthen her back muscles.

CraftieConnie said...

Well, you are a tease! But you got us good! LOL!

CraftieConnie said...

Well, you are a tease! But you got us good! LOL!

Jennie said...

You are too funny! Great backsides of the cards though :o)

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