Thursday, September 13, 2012

Work in progress...

Hey y'all!! Just wanted to post on here a bit and let anybody interested know that Ive been busy, haven't disappeared! LOL! Every start on a project and it ends up just taking over? Wellll, I have one...I've started on a little Halloween Configuration box...Here are a few pics of it in the works...mainly, gathering and making things to go inside of it, and painted the outside of the box with some MS are a few pics:

And I LOVE how the MS crackle is doing! I am leery about some of MS's stuff, but this works fantastic! Even better than one I have used for years! I've made a few things with some of that air drying clay again, I will have to paint those...most of the stuff I have gathered, well, its not gonna all fit, lol! BUT, this is what Ive been doing. I have made a card or two, nothing to brag about, and not sure I even like one of them, haha!

Ok, that's all for today! Gonna go work on my little box some...I also have some cute little glass bottles with halloween labels to go in it, I need a bigger one! :D

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Monday, September 10, 2012

I've been making....

...among other things, lol...BRACELETS!! These are so easy and fun!

I used Gina K Design paper packs on these sets. They are meant to be worn in groups of 3, and I used the Hello Sunshine pack on one and Sunkissed Autumn on the other. I'm getting a bunch of stuff together to HOPEfully sell at a little craft fair we have here in Hooks, Christmas on the Main...we shall see if I succeed in getting enough stuff done to have a booth, lol! It's not until December, soooo, MAYbe! :D

I havent really made many cards lately, I have been purging my craft room, and have found stuff I have forgotten I had bought! Anyone else every do that? LOL! But it looks ALOT better now, and a bit more organized. I have my papers in this nice wooden file cabinet that was given to me (yay for free!) and I bought some hanging file folders. I really love how this looks and so easy to grab and see the colors. I put all of my washi tape on this hanging rack...I think its meant to use for hanging up stuff to dry, like panty hose (does anybody WEAR these anymore??) and maybe some silky drawers you dont want to dry, haha! Really like this set up too, being able to SEE your stuff makes you more inclined to USE it, kwim?

Ok, that's all for now! Ill probably be back later with a card! :D Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderfully creative day!

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