Monday, September 29, 2008

Can you feel the excitement??

Ooooo I can! Tomorrow is the day, the day for the first sneak peak of Gina K's new releases!! I am sooo super excited! The release party is Thursday, Oct. 2nd in the Gina K Forum at SCS, were there will be MORE sneak peaks, a couple of challenges and games, with chances to win prizes! AND full reveals on Gina's Blog. This release has SIX new stamp sets...and honestly, I do believe this is my favorite release yet! Just wait till you see!!

Also, most of you might have heard by now that World Card Making Day is Saturday...well Gina K has something awesome planned! So be sure and watch for a post about that on Friday with all the won't want to miss that either!

So, dont forget, first sneak peaks tomorrow, Tuesday on Gina's Blog!! I personally will have sneak peaks on Wednesday and Thursday and during the release party too. Mark your calendars! Order take out! Be there or be square! haha!


Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Autumn goodness!

Yes, I love the Fall! I wish the leaves would hurry up and start changing around here though! Everything still pretty green, except for the grass, lol.

This stamp is another from The Rubber Cafe. It's called Pumpkin and Corn (scroll down a bit on the Rubber Cafe site and you will see the stamp.) This was alot of fun to color, with all the leaves at the bottom, I just went a little crazy with the colors! LOL! I also made this for the Featured Stamper today on SCS. Here is the card I cased:

Terry's Card.

And here is mine:

Isn't that ribbon gorgeous?! I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby, one side is green and the other orange with the red edge, and sparkles too. Got 30 feet of it! LOL! So you might be seeing it on a couple of other cards at least before the fall is over!

Ok, thats all of the stamping goodness I got today, if you dont want to read update with DH's stuff...head on out to another awesome stampers blog! There are soo many out there, got a few on my sidebar there too, lol! Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

Well, we are having to fight the city for his vacation time he has coming. He had a total of 186 hours in annual leave that states in the policy book they are to pay him. Why they said they were paying him for 40 hours only is a mystery to me. We went to the Texas Employment Commision, and spoke to a rep there, they said that yes, since it was stated in the policy book they were to pay him, then they HAVE to...also that they had 6 business days to pay him since they didnt let him work out his notice. SOOOoo we got a complaint form to file. They suggested we call and try to work it out with them, so we called the mayor and told him what had been said by the TEC, blah blah....he said give him a couple of days he would check into it and he would get back with us. That was Thursday and we havent heard anything yet. I will give them until Tuesday, which will be the 6th day, and if no pay by then, and the right amount, we will submit the complaint against them, and might put it in the paper also. I have an article in the works, lol.
It's quite a bit of chunk of change there.....would mean lots of STAMPS!! haha! NOOoo, well, some, but we could sure pay off a few things...being as how it will be nearly a month before he gets his first paycheck from the other place....yuk....

Ok, thats all for now! I think we might go on a picnic today, it's so beautiful outside, hard to sit inside!


p.s. I have decided I want a sewing machine. I want to be able to sew on cards. I so wanted to sew around the edge of the dp on this card, but was to lazy to do by hand today, lol. Anyways, any recommendations? I loved the one Gina K showcased on her blog here a few months ago, the mini sewing machine ... Janome? or something like that...too bad I couldnt have won it that time....lmao

Card Details:
Stamps: Pumpkin and Corn from The Rubber Cafe
Papers: SU! cardstock, K&Company DP
Accessories: koh-i-noor pencils and OMS, ticker corner punch, scallop photo punch, gold rhinestones, ribbon

Saturday, September 27, 2008

What I did before making cards...

AND....Look what I got in the mail today!

Donna is such an awesome person! It's like in the short time I have 'known' her, she knows how I'm feeling, or what I'm thinking even at times....freaky, haha! j/k! She sent me this card, telling me she was so tickled for me to be chosen for Gina's 'in the spotlight' designer for this next release (WHICH is next week by the way...can we say EXCITED??!!) She made me feel like just maybe my cards are ehh pretty good, lol. She knows I have no confidence in myself at all, so getting this, REALLY made my day. With all the other stuffs going on in my life right now, yep it sure did! Thank you sooo much Donna! You will never know how much it meant to me today...cause just typing these words cant express it.

Now, I HAVE been making cards. I have finished my final submissions for the Purple Onion Design Team position, which was 3 cards. I have also gotten several cards done for next week too, but alas, cant show ANY of those...BUT, I will say this much...This Gina K release...WOW!! Get excited...its worth it!! Look for the first sneak peak on Tuesday! I actually even LIKE my card I made for it! WOOT! LOL!

I thought I'd post a picture of a little thingy I painted back last year about this time. This is what I was into, painting...on everything, lol. Not just on wood, on anything that I could paint, canister sets, coasters, it I was a painting it! LOL! This piece kinda makes me sad though. Apparently I didnt seal the wood good enough with sealer before sanding and painting it because when I drug it out of the shed to put out for this fall, I see spots from the wood coming through my painted areas...:( I'm still gonna hang it by the back door though. I put alot into it to just throw it away!

I thought it kinda fitting with all the fall stuff around. Like I said, drug all my fall stuff out of the shed today and got it set out, now if only the temps would cooperate! Been kinda warm during the day here, but night time at least feels like fall. I love this time of year!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Update tomorrow on stuffs with DH ex-job and future one...


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Helloooo my little chickadee!

Well, my little bird here is SUPPose to be a black capped chickadee, a winter bird, lol! (I think it does...sorta!) That is the name of this stamp too 'Winter Bird',scroll down just a bit and you will see the stamp. This was a FUN stamp to color! I just received this stamp from The Rubber Cafe, its one of the ones I chose for my DT position. If you think you cant color this stamp, you ought to give it a try, because its actually kinda shaded for you, just follow the dark areas to add your shading and it will look fantastic! Look for more cards with some stamps from The Rubber Cafe, cause I got a few more in the works too.

Been busy lately. Well, not really busy, but DH is home all the time now, at least until he starts the other job on Oct. 6. The council voted Monday night to go ahead and let him go, pay him through Oct. 3, the date on his resignation, but they didnt say anything about paying him for all the annual leave and sick leave he had coming...we still checking into that...BUT, that means hes RIGHT here... ALLL the time, LMAO! I am so use to having MY time...know what I mean?? I'm like 'shhh, be quiet, I cant think!' LOL! I sent him to Home Depot right now, rofl! His toy store...

Thanks for stopping in today, and hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

Card Details:
Stamps: Winter Bird from
Papers: Kraft cardstock by PaperWorks from HL, SU! cardstock
Accessories: Circle nesties, gold rhinestones, red ribbon, CB embossing folder, white chalk ink, copic markers, koh-i-noor pencils and OMS, 'merry christmas' sticker (purchased at Wal-mart), white gel pen.

p.s. oops, forgot to add photo...and double oops, forgot today is Unity's Pre-Hip Hop Wed! OMG, I swear I'm loosing it....

Sunday, September 21, 2008

That more news I promised!

Did you notice the little blinky over on the side? The Rubber Cafe one? Yep, I'm a DT member! WOOT! So excited about this adventure! So tickled about this one too. Look out world, I'm branching out, haha!

Also, Sharon Johnson from No Time To Stamp contacted me the other day and said my name was drawn for the guest designer for November for the Stamp Simply Challenges and asked me if I would like to do that...well, DUH! I have long admired Sharon's work, and LOVE doing her Stamp Simply Challenges so didnt take me long to say yes to that either!

And last but not least of tooting my horn, I am one of the finalists for the Purple Onion Designs DT call. I submitted this one first actually, and its narrowed down to 32 of us right now, have to make a few cards to send in for the final decision on that one...come on creative juices! Get to flowing, lol!

Ok, thats about all of the card making stuffs going on right now. So if you dont want to read any personal stuff, you can move on, my feelings wont be hurt, lol. And thanks for listening to me tooting my horn, I hope I didnt blow too loudly!

I know some may have read about DH and his resigning his position that he has held with this city for 22 yrs. A little background...I was raised in this small town, lived here since I was 1 yrs old, I am now 47. It's small town Texas basically. Population is a little under 2000 at the moment, I think around 1800. My DH first started out as just a maintenance worker, went on to get his Class C Water license and wasterwater license by attending so many hours of schooling. He was promoted to supervisor YEARS ago, cant remember right off hand when it was....Every 2 years a new mayor and council is elected. This town doesnt get out and vote, only about 200 voted last election (but they sure want to fuss about it, whole nother story there, lol). We've been through at least 8 different Mayors for this town, and at least double that many more Councilmen. The council that is in there THE worst I have ever seen. And the mayor...well, basically, he LIES, alot. DH cannot get them to purchase anything to work with that is necessary to do maintenance work, especially at the sewer plant. The sewer plant was inspected about a month ago, which is a yearly thing that is done, and they were 'wrote up' for several things. They were NOT fined...its called 'areas of concern' ...which means, things that need to be fixed and soon or they WILL get fined. He cannot get them to order parts and such that he needs to repair several things out at the plant....well, to make a long story short...its isnt about having the money, the money is there for it, its about the mayor not giving a purchase order number to purchase whatever ...I mean, he would not even let them purchase rubber boots and gloves to work in RAW sewage (DH purchased his own out of his pocket) because he said 'ya'll need to take better care of them, shouldnt wear them out so quick' ....thing is, they had had the same boots and gloves for 3 years...lmao....{ummmmmm please, get some sense in your head, mr. mayor) That is one simple example...if I started talking about blowers and barscreen rakes, and stuff like that, most wouldnt know what I was talking about, lol, and those are the high dollar items that need fixing at the moment. ANYways...the council voted to bring in an outside party to tell them what they needed to do to fix the sewer plant...DH was like HELLLOO? I have been asking and asking and telling ya'll what we need. One of the council members told him, well we never heard it, or heard from you, so we are doing what we have to, even if we have to hire somebody else besides you. I could list sooo many things that has gone on over the know the saying 'the straw that broke the camel's back'? This is what did it for DH....he turned in his resignation, his last day with the city is Oct. 3rd. He does have another job in the works...we will be alright for a couple of months, (just have to put myself on a budget a bit, lol) even if this other job doesnt play out....and if they pay him for all the time he has coming to him, we will be fine for about 4 months, lol. BUT, its still very VERY scary me. I have never dealt with changes like this very good, such as moving or changing yea....scary stuff to me. But I have put it in God's hands now. However its suppose to work out, it will. I believe in the power of prayer and anybody that wants to throw one my way, it would be most appreciated! Mainly for me to be calm and strong, cause I know God's gonna take care of it!

Whew, writing a book here arent I? LOL! I just have a couple of pics I want to post of Blake, my grandson, from when we went to CEC yesterday.

This is Blake taking a ride on Bob the Builder train, he LOVED the rides, had a blast! He wouldnt look at me though. I didnt get one picture of him looking at me, he would turn his head real quick when he saw I had the camera...taking after his Grammy!

This is Blake coming down the slide, with PeePaw scaring him from was so hilarious. Blake actually let out a scream then laughed so hard he fell down he was so tickled at his PeePaw being under there, rofl. That be my DH, that old man there, haha!

Ok, thats it for today! If you lasted all this way, THANK YOU so much for listening!


p.s. I got an awesome award that I have got to get up too! oops, I said no more tooting...sorry! LOL!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

OooOHOoo Witchy Woman...

...see how high she flies, OOoo hoo witchy woman she got the moon in her eye! Ok, enough of the Eagles there, lol.

Here is my self-portrait, hahaha!

This image was so much fun to color. I was trying for a misty/foggy look around her, and for her to look like she was SWOOSHing through the air, dont think I really succeeded but think its still ok. You cant see the glitter there a camera out there that will pick that up??

You might have noticed, or not if viewing through google reader, that I am playing around with the layout of my blog. Customizing. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to add my custom sig though. I added the 'live signature' a long time ago, and now am trying to add one that I have made and remove that one, but just cant figure it out, driving me crazy!! I also have more GOOD news to add over there on the side bar...I'm working on it slowly, lol! I'm just slow at everything I do...I'm from Texas, remember? LOL! I will post another post later with that stuff hopefully. We are having Blake's, (my grandson) a little party at Chucky Cheese today, like a late birthday party, not many there, just family, so heading out to that here in just a few, wanted to get my card up though.

Oh, if you DO have the time? Can you look at my blog and tell me what you think about it? Like, can you see everything ok and such? Thanks if you can!

Ok...Focker out......


Card Details:
Stamps: Witch Trio from Starving Artists Stamps, Spooky Silhouettes from Gina K Designs
Papers: SU! cardstock, K&Company DP
Accessories: koh-i-noor pencils and OMS, corner photo punch, ribbon, buttons, hemp twine, spica glitter pens, circle punch, star rhinestones, die tag, dimensionals, metal glue,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pinch me...

Do you see it over there on the left?? Woohoo! I am so excited to be picked as one of Gina K's 'In the Spotlight' Designers for the month of October! I scared my dog to death when I got the email from Gina with my holler! haha! Everybody that visits my blog KNOWS how much I love Gina K stamps, so its an honor to do this to me. I hope I do her stamps justice, lol! And congrats to my Friend LEE!! Who was also picked for the month of October too! You can visit Lee's site HERE!. I have been about to bust with the news...but Gina's email reminding me to 'shhhh' .... thought I should do that, rofl! Ok, I will be back down off cloud 9 soon and post a card, lol!

p.s. And some more news too!

Stay tuned....

....for some exciting stuff, coming soon to a blog near you! HINT: MINE! haha!

p.s. Sorry no card today, bunch of stuff going on on the homefront right now, will post about that tomorrow too. A bit life changing, lol. I dont like change to much either...

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Pre-Hip Hop Wednesday, Take 3, I think...

I think this is the 3rd one, *edited to add...I was wrong, its #4!!!) I have slept since then, tend to forget stuff when I go to sleep. LOL! Tomorrow is Hip-Hop Thursday once again at the Unity Forum on SCS! WOOHOO! It's always so much fun..good chat, contests, challenges and FREE stuff! And today is just our, the customers, way of showing how much we love our Unity stamps. This weeks challenge was issued by Jeanne the newest DT member to Unity! Congrats to Jeanne! I told her when I grow up I want to be just like Jeanne..she told me the key was NOT to grow up... So taking that advice! haha! Her challenge was a color challenge, pink and of my favorite combos! Ok, on to the card!

This IS pink tones! But on my puter its looking more orangy But I kinda like how this card turned this stamp set, such a fun whimsical one, and apparently thats what I like doing alot of! Dont forget, on my sidebar is a list to find some more Unity goodness today! Thanks for taking the time to stop by and have a wonderful HUMP day!

Card Details
Stamps: Giggle Grove from Unity Stamp Co.
Papers: PTI
Accessories: oval and circle nesties, button, silver rhinestones, pop dots, ribbon (PTI), fiskars threading water punch, silver circle thingys (dont know what they are called, lol)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cammie's Whimsical Autumn...

...Is such a fantastic stamp set! Ok, so you might have heard by now, but just in case you havent...Cammie created this set in honor of her Grandmother, who suffered from Alzheimer's. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of this set are being donated by Cammie (and with Gina K Designs) to the National Alzheimer's Association in her Grandmother's honor. I was so touched by Cammie's post about it. And now, so many have gotten involved...on Sept. 21st, National Alzheimer's Day, Cammie is having THE biggest blog candy EVER! You can read all about it HERE!!

Ok, now for my card:

These images are such fun to color. I tried to make the basket look 'weathered'...sorta the one I have, haha! Also, I have a tip on coloring apples that I learned when doing acrylic painting and have found it works with copics and my koh-i-noor pencils too. For my apples, I used copic marker R08 (vermilion) first all over the apple, then I took E09 (burnt sienna) and made a shading on the left hand side, then went back with R08 to blend them out. I left a little white spot for a highlight. Final step and the tip...take your black pencil, I used koh-i-noor, and make just one line on the very left hand side. It doesnt take much of the pencil, dont make a thick line, just a very thin one...then blend it with your OMS and blending stump into the red. This gives it a much deeper shading...if you prefer that. I am by NO means a coloring expert! But thought I would share that.

Ok, thats it for now! Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

Card Details:
Stamps: Whimsical Autumn by Cammie from Gina K Designs
Papers: SU! and PTI cardstock
Accessories: copic markers, koh-i-noor pencisl, OMS with blending stumps,SU! hodge podge hardware, circle and rectangle nesties, tag die from spellbinders, red ribbon from PTI, green from Wal-mart I think, CB embossing folder, scotch tape dimenionals, black brads by MMs

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stamp Simply Challenge

I played along this week with Sharon's Stamp Simply Challenge at No Time To Stamp called 'Cuddle with Tammy'. Here is my card:

Really a simple card, mostly using punches on this card is all. I did color a bit on the quilt patterns. But that was the point right? Simplicity!

We survived Ike, yay! Got pretty nasty here for about 4 hours, and lots of tree limbs to clean up today. I was thinking, it was that bad this far inland that I am, I cannot imagine being right on the gulf with it. My brother in Houston said it lasted for about 9 hours, howling winds and stuff banging into house...they slept maybe an hour that night. They have been one of the lucky ones and got the electric back on now though, so they ok now. Ok, off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday morning! Isnt it strange how VIBRANT everything looks after a storm? well, it does to me anyways, lol.

Card Details:
Stamps: Quilters Sampler and Sentiments from PTI
Papers: SU! cardstock
Accessories: heart brad, ribbon (red is from PTI), checked from Ms, silver rhinestones from M's, paper piercing tool and pad, dimensionals, nesties

p.s. Oh, if you scroll down a bit, over on the left hand side is an updated picture of forewarned, its a BAD needs dying and cut, sunlight hitting me making me look like I'm bald on one side of my head (according to my sister)...I HATE and I mean HATE pictures of myself. I have never ever taken a good picture. But I wanted to let everyone see the 'real' me....I'm just not one of the beautiful people of the world, but I do have a beautiful soul, and you will see THAT if you are my friend...

Friday, September 12, 2008

A little late getting this up....

I was SUPPOSE to have this card here on my blog Wednesday for the customer blog hop for Unity Stamp Company....I even got it uploaded to SCS, and then completely forgot about my utterly brain dead of Actually, I have some kind of eye problem...I have had it before, infection in the tear duct of my eye, it makes it feel as if something is in your eye, constantly watering and making me sneeze! LOL! It makes for hard reading on blogs too or anywhere for that matter. Anyways....heres the card:

I was going for a whimsical look...did I succeed? I think I did. I dont like the green ribbon on it, I wanted some pink ribbon that I thought I had but didnt, well I did have it, but only a bit of it left! Soooo this is the only other color that really matched any of my colors I used. The challenge was to use scallops and a sketch was also used that Latisha gave us. And I almost forgot to put scallops on it, lol! I'm telling ya, my brain just isnt working lately! lmao. I even getting tickled at myself. Watching a 2yr old for a few days just really fried my brain, thats for sure...and messed my tear ducts up too, hahaha!

Well, we got another hurricane here in TX....I am far enough up from the coast that we wont get the brunt of the storm. But we are under a 'tropical storm wind watch' (never heard that one before) for tonight through late Saturday night. Even where I am they are saying to put everything away that isnt secure, that might fly around and to get candles and batteries and such cause they are expecting wide power outage. We already have those things due to the tornadoes we have around here all the time, which they also are predicting for us on Saturday. I have a brother in Houston and he says hes staying, that they have stocked up on everything, even was able to purchase a generator. They arent in a mandatory evacuation area, so I guess and hope and pray they will be fine. That also goes to all my online buds down that way....take care ya'll and hold on tight!

Thanks for stopping by and if I dont post, you will know why, lol.

Card Details:
Stamps: Whimsical Flowers from Unity Stamp Company
Papers: SU! cardstock
Accessories: copic markers, scor pal, button, ribbon, brads, circle punch, pencil eraser (used to make the circles on the bottom half)

p.s. Yesterday during HIP HOP Thursday at the Unity Forum on SCS...I won 36 single stamps...can I get a WOOOHOOO??!!! I was/am so excited about that!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am WORE out!

I do not see how you Mom's of younguns do take care of a 2 yr old and find time to stamp...I cannot do it! LOL! My grandson was here most of the day so didnt get my Unity Challenge Wednesday card done, so it will be a tad late going up tomorrow. I did get this card done this AM and the sun finally came out for me to get a good picture! yay! LOL.

This was made for another challenge at the Gina K forum at SCS. (I got to looking back at my recent cards and released I hadnt colored much lately so wanted to do something I could make sure I still could, lol!) Jessica called it 'Waste not Want not' challenge. You were to use a 6x6 piece of paper...all of it on you card, and decorate the inside of card too. WElllll, let me say...I wasted more paper trying to follow the dimensions that Jessica was like I had never cut or taken math a day of my life, lmao. Had major brain cramps on this one...BUT I did succeed!! woot! AND I actually used TWO sheets of papers, haha! go me! lmao. Not that my inside looks that good, but all the paper IS on it, haha! Here is the inside too:

Also, I want to ask a favor of anybody that might have the time. My friend Donna made it into the JustRite Stampers finals and if you have time, could you visit her blog and oogle at her gorgeous creation and go vote for her? I just love her creation! And even if she wasnt my friend, I would vote for her entry...its so awesome all the work she put into it! Anyways, HERE is the link to Donna's blog, she has it at the top, the link to go vote at and pictures of her wonderful creation. Also, you can click here to vote for Donna Baker: Finalists Voting!

Ok, think thats about it for now! Thanks for stopping by and I will have my Unity card up by noon!

Card Details:
Stamps: Owl always love you from Gina K Designs
Papers: Basic Grey dp and PTI cardstock
Accessories: oval nesties, ribbon from PTI, koh-i-noor pencils and OMS, metallic rub paste, big eyelet, slot punch, pop dots, yellow stickles, white gel pen, copic marker for the grey around image corner punch from Gina K

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sketch challenge at the Gina K forum..

Cammie issued a sketch challenge Friday night at the release party for Gina K this month and so I played! I really love this sketch and probably will use it again too! Anyways, heres the card:

I seem to do alot of cards with the word 'dream' on dont I? I have always found dreams fascinating...I dont put much stock into dreams, and often will have one and think 'what the hey..???, where the heck THAT come from' if you know what I mean! LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you are having a wonderful Sunday or Monday or whatever day it is for you! LOL!

Card Details:
Stamps: Botanical Dreams, Flowers for Daisy from Gina K Designs
Papers: Making Memories DP and DCWV, SU! cardstock
Accessories: threading water punch, buttons, corner thingy by MMs, MS fern punch, ribbon from Ms, paper piercing tool and pad, pop dots, oval nesties, corner round punch.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another 3-D challenge

I made this little box for the challenge at 3-D Challenge's Blog. I love making 3-D items, and Pam and Carrie have excellent ones, I'm just not too good at them, what to put on them and then inside them, lol! I made this with a friend in mind that loves coffee. I havent been able to find her favorite flavored coffee yet, not an usual one, they were just out when I went to the store. (orange cappuccino). I will eventually get it and put in here and give to her though. And I just hate my bow....I have bow issues...haha! it is:

And OMG I sponged! Errrr tried to..LOL! I need lots more practice on that too.

Hope you are having a good weekend and thanks for stopping by. Also thank you to all that gave me hugs the other day...sure felt good!

Card Details:
Stamps: Coffee with Friends from Flourishes, Distressed Dots background stamp from Unity Stamp Company
Papers: SU! cardstock, red cardstock and patterned paper is from PTI
Accessories: jumbo eyelet, eyelets, sponge dauber, ribbon from PTI, oval nesties, dimensionals, terrifically tacky tape, dark chocolate ink also from PTI.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So sorry, no card today..

Today would have been my Mother's 75th birthday and its always kinda of a down day for me. So took the day off from card making. I was going to make her a card this year, just to honor her birthday, but then just didnt have the ...mojo I'd guess you would call it. She died of bone cancer in 2000, and was a really hard thing to go through. She was diagnosed, and given 3 months to live and it was almost to the day...but anyways....cancer is an awful, horrible beast and needs to be wiped out...too many have been so affected by this disease in one way or another.

Ill be back tomorrow with a card! And I'm fine! Just a bit bummed today is all! hugsss

p.s. Love ya Kelli, know she on your mind today too (that be my sis...)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Blog Candy Alert!

Well, I'm spreading the word on this one! Remember me posting my card with the Starving Artist's Doodlefactory Country Set? Well, they are offering some awesome Blog candy too! Go to their BLOG HERE and enter a comment and spread the word for a chance to win one of the new halloween sets! I have to tell you, I have already orderd mine. And I didnt realize you got free shipping if your order is over Donna and Tracey both helped me to get that corrected! It was so awesome of them to help me and of Tracey to do that! Talk about excellent customer service too! WOOT! Cant beat that nowadays! Sooo, GO enter for the awesome candy!

p.s. still raining here, can you believe that??? We had a big tree limb fall and bust a window out and make me pee my pants...lmao. must invest in depends....hahaha!

Pre-Hip Hop Wednesday, Take 2!

It's Wednesday and once again we are having a challenge in the Unity Forum. I call it 'Pre-Hip Hop Wednesday because on's HIP HOP DAY in the Unity forum at SCS! Lots of fun and give-aways! Everybody is welcome to come! Starts around 10am CST and last till who knows, lol! Usually till about 10 pm that night. Anyways, the challenge this week was given by ME, lol. I suggested we use Unity colors, or close to it that you have. I made not one but TWO creations. And Ill apologize now for the dark photos...yep we got rain and MORE rain...for the next few days it looks like...darn hurricane, lol!

For this card, (this card actually started out following the sketch this week at 2 Sketches 4 You but I dont know if I went to far off or not, lol!) I stamped one of the images from the stamp set onto linen that I used in my counted cross stitch. I then embroidered it. Yes, I'm a bit out of practice on my embroidering, lol. But it was fun to do, and really easy to follow the design. I then added a couple of brads and a bit of bling after stitching. I also made the flower, using my own 'dp' I also made. The bird is paper pieced too with the 'dp' I made. The 'love' and 'hope' sentiments dont usually hang like that, more like how dog tags hang, free hanging, but I placed them like this so you could see them both in the photo. And the bird looked hungry to me, so gave him some bird feed, lol.
Card Details:
Stamps: Giggle Grove and Floral Fantastical fromUnity Stamp Co.
Papers: SU! cardstock and the turquoise I have no clue
Accessories: linen, circle nesties, buttons, rhinestones, brads, twine, embroidery floss, pop dots.

And this card, can you guess what it was inspired by? If you have ever placed an order with Unity, you might recognize it if you look really close, lol! The POSTCARD that Angela puts into every order! I was inspired by it as I was cleaning up after making the first card, for the DP. Then just colored those big flowers and cut out, did a bit of doodling on them here and there and slapped a ribbon on basically! Quick easy card!
Card Details:
Stamps: It's Spring from Unity Stamp Co., bg stamp I have no idea
Papers: SU! Cardstock
Accessories: colored pencils and OMS, circle nesties as templates for drawing circles, ribbon, metal letters, brads,pop dots.

Thats all for now! You can follow the links in my sidebar for some awesome creations created by us fans of Unity Stamps too! Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

That Old Black Magic...

Old to some, new technique to me! I think this is the second time I have tried this technique, it was the one Lynn posted at SCS yesterday to try.

I really love this effect, my picture just doesnt do it justice though. (AND I DO NOT like my bow...that thang gave me fits to get it to the point it is now!) I used the Flowers for Daisy set from Gina K Designs (new release with Gina K THIS Friday, YAY!) and tried to make the little thingy under the vase look like a, kinda does to me, lol. I will be giving this technique another chance. I have another image in mind to try something with too. psssttt....see, I used it Anna! (the threading water punch by Fiskars)LOL!

Thanks for stopping by today. Trying to stay dry here. Have had ALOT of rain and tad gusty, nothing serious though, just makes me sleepy, lol. And makes good picture taking hard! Have 2 cards waiting to take pictures, I'm thinking they just might be on the dark Rain is suppose to last 2-3 days it says....

Card Details:
Stamps: Flowers for Daisy from Gina K Designs
Papers: DP is from Paper Studio, SU! cardstock
Accessories: colored pencils, OMS, ribbon, threading water punch, pop dots, dp is from paper studio, cardstock is SU!, oval scallop punch, brads, nesties, white chalk ink.

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