Friday, December 10, 2010


I hate rejection, dont you? LOL! BUT, that is part of submitting I suppose, cause I sure get rejected alot, haha! Here is a card I made for a recent pub call that got 'rejected' but I LIKE it! so :P hahaha!

Yea, I know most of us are having freezing temps right now, this card not quite fitting the time of year it is...but it was for a pub call that wanted water themed creations, and still wanted to post here! I loved coloring this, used Prisma pencils with OMS on the little fishes. Just wasnt what they were looking for though! :(

In other non-stamping news....we are moving make a long story short...its for the better! We could not get the landlords here to do a thing when told about the problems, they would just choose to ignore it...soooo...still in same town though, just down the road about 2 miles, lol! I shouldnt be offline long, cause everything just transfers, and hopefully they wont take to long doing that! I am going to try to schedule some posts though! UG...the only thing bad about the time of year it is! Are YOU ready for Christmas??? needless to say...IM NOT!!
Card Details:
Stamps: Best Fishes from Gina K Designs
Papers: SU! and Gina K
Accessories: ribbon, prisma pencils with OMS, pop dots


Kathy Martin said...

Cute! :)

Doris said...

Their loss is our gain--LOVE that card!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

This is an awesome card, Cat! Everything, right down to the distressing and soft colors is just perfect!

Janine said...

I like it too Cat!!

Melanie said...

fintastic card!!!!

Just keep swimming, it'll happen!!! :)

Donna said...

Oh yea I know the rejection, been trying to get published for almost 2 yrs now. This card is adorable though...I love it! Good luck w/ your move I know it's hard any time of year but worse when you are trying to get into the spirit! Hugs!

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