Monday, February 7, 2011


Howdy Ya'll! Thought I'd post a pic of the last snow we got...Ive been working on some cards, but nothing I can post yet, so thought Id get SOMEthing on here to let everybody know Im still here! LOL!

This is Billy, clearing out a path so he can chop some more wood....

This is a pic of the bird bath...poor little birds dirty around here right now, lol!

I love the winter, especially with the snow we have got lucky to get TWO times this year...very unusual for us! AND we have a chance Wednesday for more...most I have seen in YEARS!

Ok, thats all for now...Ill be back tomorrow, I PROMISE!! :D


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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

So glad we have been able to share the wealth of snow with you down there, Cat!

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