Thursday, September 8, 2011

Welllll, my goodness!!

Hey ya'll!! Wow! I didn't realize it had been over a week since I made a blog post! Shame on me! I got all busy and excited about getting the new Gina K Design stamps, making new goodies to show next week and just ...forgot! So sorry! I'll get a new something up tomorrow I hope! I got some new Flourishes stamps that I WON!! And they are just making me itch to ink them up, lol!

I've been watching a little bird in our back yard....He's injured or something. When he takes off to fly, he flies all crooked and can barely get up in the air! He will come down usually in the mornings early, after most of the other birds have gone and then in the evenings. It's like he will eat forever because it's so much effort to get there, he's gonna eat as much as he can, lol! I tried getting a picture of it, he turned his head like he was shy though....

It lets us get pretty close too...Billy says it kitty cat bait, but not while I'm watching! LOL! And today, it seems like it is flying a BIT better! yay! We also have a hummingbird that seems to be really curious about us! He or she, will fly right up in our faces, I mean, so close I could just raise my hand and touch it, stare at me for a minute then zooms off...strange! LOL! But I do love watching all the birds though...lordy...sound like an OLD woman! haha!

Thanks for stopping by and hanging with me while I got all preoccupied! LOL! Hope you have a wonderfully creative day! and TGIF tomorrow!! :D

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Shirley said...

TFS, I love nature too!

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