Sunday, May 5, 2013

Gina K Design Inks...what else can I do with them?

Hey y'all!! Just a quick picture tutorial of how I dye some seam binding ribbon with my Gina K Designs Color Companion Inks. Super easy and oh how I love things all matchy matchy! :D

--First, gather what you will need. I used the Ocean Mist Reinker (sold out at the moment! but will be back in stock soon!), Hug Snug Seam binding ribbon in Eggshell (about a yard and a half is how much I do at a time), water to spritz, non stick craft sheet, and rubber glove if you dont like getting your hands all inky! :D and small zip lock baggy...I reused one that some ribbon came in form Gina K.

--Drip some drops of your reinker onto the craft sheet:

--Spritz generously with water:

--Take ribbon and drop it into the ink and water, smooshing the ribbon and just wallowing it all in it. It doesnt have to be perfect, that is the beauty of this to me! :D

--Keep going, and you can add more ink or spritz with water again if you like. Depends on your taste! I did spritz mine with water more here.

--Wad the wet ribbon up and put into a baggy that you can seal, and I also spritz some more water and dropped a couple more ink drops in the baggy. I then squished it to get the air and then sealed it up.

Now, the waiting part, lol! I actually walked off and just forgot about mine. I like to do them and leave them in a baggy over night. The next morning I take them out and if the day is pretty, I lay them outside on my porch with a small rock anchoring them to dry. I have also dried it with a heat tool...but you have to be careful, cause it will burn!

Here is the finished ribbon I did:

Isn't it gorgeous!!?? I like mine all uneven like this for more of the 'aged' look. To get it more even, you would need to add more ink drops into the bag and be sure and squish it around really good. But, it still will not dye 'solid'...that is the beauty of hand dying to me! I have hand dyed linen that I use in counted cross stitch and I think it is just gorgeous! I hoard that stuff, LOL!

Ok, that's all for today! Be sure and come back tomorrow too because we will be starting our Gina K Design Inspiration Blog Hops tomorrow! Plus, I'll have a card up with this ribbon on it for one of the days! Sooo, come on back and see! :D

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you are having a wonderful lazy Sunday!
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Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I have been going to try this forever.... that for the reminder! Looks great!

Patti J said...

Ooh....So pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!!

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