Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Holly the Hippo!

*edited to add: Ok, so its bugging me that I made the jeans on Holly BACKWARDS!! OMG cant believe I didnt notice this till I put it on my blog, hahaha! Well, just gonna have to fix that.....stay tuned...yea right, like anybody reads my blog, lmao.
I am in love with this set from GinaK Designs by Melanie Muechinger! Just got this in the mail yesterday and have been wanting to put a pair of britches on that hippo forever, lol! And think Ill send this card to my daughter who ALWAYS asks me that question...well, she asks , "do these make my butt look big?" She might have a fit because I named the hippo Holly though...her name is Holli, hahaha!

I stamped 2 of the hippos and then drew some pants on one of them. Then I cut the pants part out and used that as a template to make the jeans. All colored with copic markers.

Also, I have to tell you about how awesome Gina K is. I accidentally cut one of my stamps set wrong :( and I posted about it at SCS, and she is going to send me another flower to replace that one. It was the one in the comfort and peace set, the free one when you buy 3 this month. Its so rare to get customer service like that nowadays so I think when you do, you need to praise them in some way, and this is the only way I have! Besides having a customer for life! lol!

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