Saturday, February 21, 2009

Winner of the Dream Tree stamp!

Oh I am soo sorry for not posting this yesterday, I just completely forgot about it! So it just hits me this am and I call the Random Hubby Generator and said, "say a number"...he says "for what this time?" I say, "just say one..." He says, "Not till you tell me why." I'm like WHY does it matter!!?? FINALLY he says, "100" And I go, 'NOOOO I dont have that many comments, it has to be between 1-22" He says, "You didnt say THAT." lmao...Ok, well after the malfunction of the Random Hubby Generator and me having to whack it a time or two, it finally said..."14, you happy now?" YES, thank you very much!! SOOO,

Olde Country Creations!!! Please email me your address so I can get this out to you!!

And again, so sorry for being such a airhead and forgetting to do this yesterday! I'll have a card up later tonight too!

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mudmaven said...

Those random hubby generators can be so high maintenance sometimes! ~chris

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