Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Not me, but my card! I made this for an example for the sketch challenge this week on StampTV that I am hosting. I also used last week's technique challenge from Lynn on SCS, Faux Burnt Edges (really FUN technique!) Here is the card:

I used my favorite flower right now, the daisy from the StampTV kit 'Eclectic Summer'! I just am loving that daisy lately! Back in high school, for my senior prom, I told the guy I wanted a corsage with daisies, he did good, lol! So daisies have been a favorite flower of mine for a long time! I decided to make this a red one, and distress the card with paint, inks and scissors. I call cards like this the 'grunge' look that I do, lol! I really had fun making this card. The wording and flourish actually has another flower on the flourish part, which that stamp is from Hero Arts, but I wanted to pop up a flower so that is what lead to using the daisy too. After doing the card is when I decided to use it for a sketch...I havent posted at StampTV yet, well, first lost my camera cord, then got one, then July 4th happened and well, just now getting around to posting, lol!

Look for something really AWEsome and fun coming later this week from Gina K! WOohooo! Always fun coming from Gina K!!

Ok, just a bit of personal stuff now...

Things seem to be ok right now with me. It's like Billy is, oh, I dont know, make up? LOL! That is the best way I know to describe it. He is home alot more, pays ALOT of attention to me, asks me to go with him to anywhere he goes, even to the convenience store just up the road. Really strange....I'm just going with the flow...best thing I know to do right now. The 4th was really fun with my daughter and Blake. He really isnt that crazy about fireworks YET, but did like the snakes and sparklers...but the ones that made a big boom, he would cover his ears and say 'no more!' He got a little too hot and excited and drank some kool-aid too much and fast and puked too, and I felt so sorry for him! He thought after he got sick he was gonna have to go home I guess, cause he says...'I no get sick no more, I ok!' saying it while crying...ahhhhh, but he was ok, we all reassured him that its ok, just dont drink so fast and made him sit down and cool off in the house for a bit. Here are a couple of pics:

That first picture is of him and the sparkler. He really loved those and got upset when we ran out of them. The 2nd picture is of him watching a firework that was just shooting up sparks. He didnt mind those, but they didnt hold his interest long, lol! That little toy he's sitting on, he has sooo outgrown that but still just loves it for some reason! Will NOT let us throw it away!

Ok, that's about it for now! Off to do some more creating today, and hope you have a wonderfully creative day too!
Card Details:
Stamps: Eclectic Summer from Gina K Designs, Hero Arts
Papers: All from Gina K Designs
Accessories: Tim Holtz inks, fragments, gears, and spinners, red craft thread, copic markers, pop dots, acrylic paint, crystal effects.


Lori said...

Neat card! Love your red daisy, my favorite. I'm glad to hear things are going smoothly for you. Looks like the 4th was fun!

Patti J. said...

Love your card, Cat. Distressing is one of my favorite things. I have to be careful, or I would distress everything I made! Anyway, your card is wonderful! And I'm so thankful that things are going well for you! You will remain in my thoughts and prayers! Thanks for sharing another beautiful work of art! (You really could frame this one, you know?)

Michelle (Lady2cu) said...

Great card! I'm glad the card is the thing that's distressed...and not you! :-)

Adorable pics of the little cutie! I'm glad you're doing well and had a great 4th!

mudmaven said...

This is absolutely gorgeous Cat! ~chris

Sabrina said...

Cat, Damn your awesome! Love that card!!!!!!
Have a super week.

Jennie said...

What a beauty Cat! Love your card and all of the distressing. Pray things continue to improve to a point where you are most comfortable.... Keep your chin up :o) {HUGS}

Donna Baker said...

what a fabulous card!! love the pics of your grandson-bummer about the vomiting though

Scrubbysue said...

Beautiful card!!! and dontcha just love sparklers! what's the 4th of July without that! We STILL have ppl. letting off fireworks in the neighborhood. Can you believe that??! LOL

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