Friday, April 6, 2012

Did I forget something:

Hey Ya'll!! And the answer to the above question is, No, not really...I have been super busy this week actually, Gina K Design new release stamps arrived, and then I was busy getting my cards sent in that got accepted to be published...I was determined not to be a 'last minute - er' LOL! All that is done now, but no ATC done! I tried a couple of times, and they just werent doing what I had in mind and was just ..UGLY! Sooo, decided to put it off this week and not torture myself over it! :D

I have a little project, this altered mini boxes thingy I picked up at my LSS...this was a BOOGER to put together...I didnt want to hot glue it, I make such a mess with hotglue, so used E-6000 on it...o.m.g. that was a mess for me too, lol! but I finally succeeded and this is how far I have gotten on it so far:

I set this aside too when I got the new GKD stamps and to get the cards ready to mail, so its still sitting like this...over there on my cabinet in here in my JunkRoom as Blake calls it! LOL! Ill get it done sooner or later...Im loving how its looking with the copper letters aged by using Verday from Ten Seconds Studio...this stuff is FUN!! So is their metal paints! I have another project too, an altered wooden box, that I will show when its done.

Ok, that's all from me! I hope you have a wonder Easter Sunday and blessed Good Friday! Does anybody still buy new duds to wear for Easter anymore? I remember that was such a big thing when I was a kid! My Mom mostly made my favorite, I dress with matching reversible cape...matching gloves and hat and white patent leather shoes...I thought I was styling! haha! I heard on the news this AM, that you are suppose to wear at least one item new on Easter or its considered bad luck...hmmm...I guess that was why it was so important to my Mom...and I did the same for Holli, my daughter up until she moved out!

Anyways....dont eat too much of that chocolate bunny!! (which I could never stand the things, just the eyes..) :D



Shirley said...

OMGosh! I hear you on the E6000, however, it will never come apart. I had to laugh when I read your comment! I glued my craft lamp which cracked apart and fell over before that happened 5 years ago and it is going strong. It's the kind with a neck that you move up and down. HE to you and yours!

lakergirl said...

Gorgeous project- what are you thinking of using it for? I would love this just as a display piece..Kim

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