Tuesday, January 14, 2014

It's a Tipster Tuesday!

Hey y'all! I thought I'd start a little something here on my blog, and I'm calling it 'Tipster Tuesday!'...and basically, the name says it all. Every Tuesday (or maybe every OTHER Tuesday, ha!) I will post a little tip for y'all! Most of the time, paper crafting related, but there may be some other tips along the way I might want to pass along, lol!

Today's Tip is a little pictorial! I saw on the web somewhere these little stick pins and on these particular ones were buttons! And I though, I could MAKE those! Soooo here is how I made a few!

First I gathered up some buttons and some jewelry making head pins.

And since the headpins dont have much for the glue to hang on to to attach to the button, I made a eye hole with my jewelry pliers.

I used hot glue on mine, simply because Im not patient enough! But glues like E6000 or Crystal Effects would work fine too.

TADA! Look at alll my pretty stick pins!! :D How easy was that??!!

Dont like naked button you say? Just add your twine before gluing the pin to the back of the button! :D

Another little tip...when using the hot glue, kinda stir your pin around in the hot glue so it coats it all over the pin. This will help it attach much better! And if any glue comes through the holes, just wait until it drys then peel off!

Ok, that's all for today! Hope you enjoyed my 'Tip'! :D

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Алексровер Анна said...

Thank you for sharing this idea!!!! Your creations are always so interesting!!!!!!

Donna Phelan said...

LOVE those.....don't be surprised if you see these on a card.....soon! lol

Verna Angerhofer said...

What a neat idea. I have to get some good glue now for sure so I can do this with my buttons.

Cheryl Wright said...

Great idea, Cat! Thanks for sharing!!!

Judy Woodland said...

Oh my gosh - these couldn't be ANY cuter. I'm so gonna do this. Love that it's so flat. Thanks for the tip - Keep 'em coming!!

Joyce Casaldi said...

What cute stick pins!
Thanks so much for your sweet comments, and thanks for picking one of my projects for the Mod Squad challenge. You made my day!

Tammie Lien said...

Oh my word you always come up with cool ideas.I have both plus glue gun.Since that is what I used back in the day..lol...Going to try this when I get back home.XOXOXO

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