Saturday, March 21, 2009

Ok, working now!

Well, at least me going through google reader is now. It apparently was thinking I was a 'bot' or something like that it kept saying. So I did as it said, to delete cookies and temp folders AND histories. Still couldnt get to reply to any blogs. Even if I went directly to the blog, not through the reader, I still could not reply if it loaded the page separately or a pop up window. Soo then I downloaded SpyBot and ran that on it and it found several things it had to remove. After that, everything is fine! YAY! I was in panic mode, lol! All I do know about that is it had a bunch of 'cookies' listed that it removed, the SpyBot program. I'm just happy I can comment again, lol.

Now, my camera is a different story. I had to take it back to Best Buy. I couldnt get it to work for anything, and so I gave up and took it to the Geek Squad, lol! I bought extra insurance on it, so hoping they will get it all fixed and tell me what happened with it too. BUT in the mean time, I cant take pictures or upload any cards! Bummer! And I had challenge cards I have done and everything...well, guess when I get it back I will have alot to post though, lol!

Ok, off to do my commenting on all the gorgeous creations ya'll have made!!

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Shirley said...

Thanks for reporting your experience Cat. It reminds me of several of mine in the past and makes me feel so human!!!

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