Tuesday, October 6, 2009

My Boo bags!

Whew! Wasnt last week fun with all the new Gina K stuff? And then I decided to give my brain a rest over the weekend, lol! And I still have so many goodies to show that I havent shown on my blog yet, but did at the release party. BUT, I really dont like showing a whole bunch at once, I think people sorta stray if too long a post, haha! Or maybe I'm telling on myself there, rofl! Anyways! LOL! Here are my little treat bags I have made up for Halloween:

These are those little brown bags you can buy at Michaels that I cut down to 4" and then used an EK Success edge punch on the top area. I used Melanie's newest set from Gina K Designs called 'Hip To Be Square'...those are the little round tag looking things on the bag! On the bags I used used the 2 different halloween sets from Gina K too (listed below in bag details). These were really super quick to make. I have about 20 of them made up to pass out to the kids so far, and will probably make about that many more before Halloween gets here. We really dont get that many kids cause we sorta at a dead end road, lol!

Ok, that's all for now! I hope you are having a wonderful week...and a happy Tuesday!

Some personal stuffs....My sister's youngest son was diagnosed with the H1N1 bug...and he has asthma, and then my grandson has the regular flu and he has asthma too...he's been coughing so hard it makes him puke when he does...but hes a puker though...one of them kids that will puke at the drop of a hat, LOL! My daughter still gets all freaked out about it though, and will call me and I just tell her to get used to him doing it, cause some kids are like that...she HATES puking more than I do I think, lol! My sisters kid is much better already though, they all got put on that Tamaflu stuff even though so far he was the only one sick with it. I WAS going to go see her this weekend, but not gonna purposely go into a house with the swine flu there, lol! I've had the regular flu shot and the pneumonia shot, but not the swine flu one yet...I dont know about getting it either...i know they are saying safe and all but its still so new....Its sure the flu weather here right now...cool, wet, and rainy last few days....im not going anywhere...LOL!
Bag Details:
Stamps: Hip To Be Square, Happy Haunting, Spooky Silhouettes from Gina K Designs
Papers: little brown bags from Michael's, pure luxury 120lb. white from Gina K
Accessories: hole punch, twine, EK Success edge punch, spica glitter pens, black embroidery thread.


mudmaven said...

These are so cute Cat! You stay put and safe - AWAY from any flu folks. ~chris

Crystal said...

Cat these are SOOOO cute!!! How creative and fun!!! Thanks for sharing these what a GREAT idea!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

No flu for you! Keep your butt in your house. You have had your scare for the year! Love these goodie bags!

Lori said...

Cute, I mean, spooky, bags. Love them!

redwasher1 said...

Cat, I love them!! I think I'm need this set!! What a wonderful way to use bags!!!

Jennie said...

These are so cute! Love what you did with them Cat! Hope everyone gets well soon and you don't get it...my oldest son has asthma too and things like the flu always make it so much worse :o( Have a great day!

Payne Holler Cards said...

Mary Anne said it perfectly ROFL!
seriously...though, no flu bug for you after all you've just been through!!

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