Sunday, September 21, 2008

That more news I promised!

Did you notice the little blinky over on the side? The Rubber Cafe one? Yep, I'm a DT member! WOOT! So excited about this adventure! So tickled about this one too. Look out world, I'm branching out, haha!

Also, Sharon Johnson from No Time To Stamp contacted me the other day and said my name was drawn for the guest designer for November for the Stamp Simply Challenges and asked me if I would like to do that...well, DUH! I have long admired Sharon's work, and LOVE doing her Stamp Simply Challenges so didnt take me long to say yes to that either!

And last but not least of tooting my horn, I am one of the finalists for the Purple Onion Designs DT call. I submitted this one first actually, and its narrowed down to 32 of us right now, have to make a few cards to send in for the final decision on that one...come on creative juices! Get to flowing, lol!

Ok, thats about all of the card making stuffs going on right now. So if you dont want to read any personal stuff, you can move on, my feelings wont be hurt, lol. And thanks for listening to me tooting my horn, I hope I didnt blow too loudly!

I know some may have read about DH and his resigning his position that he has held with this city for 22 yrs. A little background...I was raised in this small town, lived here since I was 1 yrs old, I am now 47. It's small town Texas basically. Population is a little under 2000 at the moment, I think around 1800. My DH first started out as just a maintenance worker, went on to get his Class C Water license and wasterwater license by attending so many hours of schooling. He was promoted to supervisor YEARS ago, cant remember right off hand when it was....Every 2 years a new mayor and council is elected. This town doesnt get out and vote, only about 200 voted last election (but they sure want to fuss about it, whole nother story there, lol). We've been through at least 8 different Mayors for this town, and at least double that many more Councilmen. The council that is in there THE worst I have ever seen. And the mayor...well, basically, he LIES, alot. DH cannot get them to purchase anything to work with that is necessary to do maintenance work, especially at the sewer plant. The sewer plant was inspected about a month ago, which is a yearly thing that is done, and they were 'wrote up' for several things. They were NOT fined...its called 'areas of concern' ...which means, things that need to be fixed and soon or they WILL get fined. He cannot get them to order parts and such that he needs to repair several things out at the plant....well, to make a long story short...its isnt about having the money, the money is there for it, its about the mayor not giving a purchase order number to purchase whatever ...I mean, he would not even let them purchase rubber boots and gloves to work in RAW sewage (DH purchased his own out of his pocket) because he said 'ya'll need to take better care of them, shouldnt wear them out so quick' ....thing is, they had had the same boots and gloves for 3 years...lmao....{ummmmmm please, get some sense in your head, mr. mayor) That is one simple example...if I started talking about blowers and barscreen rakes, and stuff like that, most wouldnt know what I was talking about, lol, and those are the high dollar items that need fixing at the moment. ANYways...the council voted to bring in an outside party to tell them what they needed to do to fix the sewer plant...DH was like HELLLOO? I have been asking and asking and telling ya'll what we need. One of the council members told him, well we never heard it, or heard from you, so we are doing what we have to, even if we have to hire somebody else besides you. I could list sooo many things that has gone on over the know the saying 'the straw that broke the camel's back'? This is what did it for DH....he turned in his resignation, his last day with the city is Oct. 3rd. He does have another job in the works...we will be alright for a couple of months, (just have to put myself on a budget a bit, lol) even if this other job doesnt play out....and if they pay him for all the time he has coming to him, we will be fine for about 4 months, lol. BUT, its still very VERY scary me. I have never dealt with changes like this very good, such as moving or changing yea....scary stuff to me. But I have put it in God's hands now. However its suppose to work out, it will. I believe in the power of prayer and anybody that wants to throw one my way, it would be most appreciated! Mainly for me to be calm and strong, cause I know God's gonna take care of it!

Whew, writing a book here arent I? LOL! I just have a couple of pics I want to post of Blake, my grandson, from when we went to CEC yesterday.

This is Blake taking a ride on Bob the Builder train, he LOVED the rides, had a blast! He wouldnt look at me though. I didnt get one picture of him looking at me, he would turn his head real quick when he saw I had the camera...taking after his Grammy!

This is Blake coming down the slide, with PeePaw scaring him from was so hilarious. Blake actually let out a scream then laughed so hard he fell down he was so tickled at his PeePaw being under there, rofl. That be my DH, that old man there, haha!

Ok, thats it for today! If you lasted all this way, THANK YOU so much for listening!


p.s. I got an awesome award that I have got to get up too! oops, I said no more tooting...sorry! LOL!


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Oh you just TOOT that horn as loud as you like!! You've earned it and I'm soooooooo thrilled for you!!! You're such an amazing and talented designer!!! And I know things must look scary now for you with the job situation.....I'm keeping you all in prayer!!! And sending hugs too!! I'm so glad you get to enjoy some fun time with that little cutie pie!!!! Hugs!!

Vivian said...

Cat, first congrats on your new opportunities.
You and your family will be in my prayers for God to provide all you need. Sounds like your DH made the right move. Sometimes it is just worth the aggravation to put up with others problems.

Annapurna said...

Wowzers! Congratulations!!! I guess you win some, you loose some. That is life. Hopefully he will find employment at a better place.

Take care!

Jessica said...

Yahoo for you, Cathy!!!!! Toot away, girl - you deserve it! I'm so glad so many wonderful things are happening for you. I'll be praying for your husband's job situation - that God will shelter you with His love and guidance during this difficult time. I pray that it will pass quickly though... it's so hard when life throws us curve balls like this one, isn't it?

mudmaven said...

WOW girl you sure have a lot to toot your horn about! Congratulations on those that came through and good luck on those still hanging out there! Also, many prayers and good thoughts coming your way. You'll be fine if you've given it to Him to take care of. Be strong! ~chris

Shirley said...

Wow! Cat, doesn't sound like your husband is one to slack, especially since he already has another possible job opportunity. I will be thinking and praying for you both. We can't have anything getting in the way of your habit!!! Just kidding. You are in my prayers.

Janine said...

Great news for you Cat. Looking forward to your creations for Sharon's challenge.

Tiffany Johnson said...

WOW!!!! You are on a roll!!! Keep up the great work :)

Theresa said...

Wow, Cat! You are so rocking the stamp world. Congrats and good luck with your DH's job.

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