Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let's Get Dirtee!!

Howdy all and glad you came back for my second week as Melanie Muenchinger's Guest Designer! By now, some of you have received you Little Tees stamp sets I'm sure...are you LOVING them as much as I do? OMG the things you can do with these!! Have you seen Mel's TIP SHEET? And I know it was probably hard for her to even stop with the amount of tips that she gave there even, because there are just a gazillion things you can do with this set, not to mention all the sentiment combos that are in it!

Ok, on to the card! Per my title (Mel's suggestion too by the way, hahaha!} here is my 'Dirtee' card!

Get it? It's dirTY/dirTEE hahaha! I made this card thinking 'manly' card, of course. This works for all the shade-tree mechanics out there. (my DH included!) And I risked the wrath of my DH on this one. The DP? Well, it's actually a page torn out of his beloved Ford Truck catalog, shhhhhhh!!! LOL! I took it and wadded it up and then swiped some black ink all over it...then decided it needed a fingerprint or two on it also, like he left beside my NEWLY painted wall by the light switch! I also took the shirt and slimmed the hips down to look more 'manly', added a little pocket, then cut out, wadded it up to wrinkle it and swiped some black ink on it too. All of his tees just go in the trash after he works on his truck (its an old, OLD Ford that he wants to restore), cause this is what they look like when he is done, lol. I was also trying to make the little circle with the sentiment thing look like a tire, but didnt really pull that one off. Used the screw brads from Gina K Designs and drew the little tools there, lol, and all done basically!

Card Details:
Stamps: Little Tees by Melanie Muenchinger, King of the Grill by Rupa Shevde all from Gina K Designs
Papers: Ford truck Catalog, all cardstock from SU!
Accessories: circle nesties, copic markers, hemp twine, hole punch, scor-pal, screw brads

At first, let me tell you what I tried, good laugh, lol. I wanted a tire mark across the shirt actually. So I took a piece of cardstock, laid it behind the tire and backed up, got out too look, and ..where the heck the paper go? Apparently the wind blew it away just as I was backing up, cause it had NO tire marks on it. Soooo, here we go again, but this time I made sure I poked it under the tire some so it wouldnt blow away. Got my tire mark now, light, but its there. Brought it in and its just too big...covers the whole stamp area, lol. So then made this card. THEN after making this card? I had a brilliant idea for my tire mark...I got my grandson's little toy tractor that is here and it worked great for it! BUT I'm too lazy to do the card over again, hahaha! I am saving that though cause I bet I do eventually make a card with it, lol.

Wellll, if you have stuck around till this part, I thank you soo much for stopping by! I will be posting again next week with another creation with this awesome set! Go! Buy it! You will LOVE it! And can't wait to see YOUR wonderful creations with this set.

p.s. DH still hasnt noticed the page missing yet...he walked by when I was finishing this card up and I noticed him looking at it, I kinda covered it and thought I was caught! He goes, 'what is that?? How did you get my screws attached to that?' hahaha!! wheeeewwwww


Lee said... are so funny girl!!! And talented and creative!! I LOVE this manly take on the Tee!!! I'd call it a Man Tee.....but sounds too much like a manatee!!! LOL dumb jokes get dumber the later at night it is!!! ***wink***

Donna Baker said...

this is so cool! love your story about trying to get the real tire mark...I can just see you now LOL

Annapurna said...

I love the "how did you get my screws attached to that" part. ROFL.

Great ideas and just when I think, what more can be done with this stamp, you come up with more. You have some creativity in that brain, I tell ya.

My husband actually owns a shirt that has bike tire marks on it and says "dirt happens" below. I am sure he will love this one.

Melanie said...

I am ROTF you got in your car to amke DP! The toy truck, what a great idea!!!
great card, , so funny about your DH, the things they overlook, whew! ;)

Barbara Schram said...

Oh my! This is soooo creative! And thanks for sharing how to get those tire marks! Great inspiration! Love your card and I can see using this over and over!

Linsey R said...

THUD! This is FABulous, Cat!!! -k- first, this is just a brilliant for a masculine card and it's so very clever! I love the shirt, your hilarious tire mark story and your creative form of dp, hahaha! That is great!!! Well, you are totally rockin' Mel's set and I simply can't wait to see what awesomeness you have coming next! TFS!

Bee's Zen Garden said...

Cool card! And I love the stories with the attempt at tires marks, or the page ripped from the beloved catalog! LOL!

Missy said...

bwahahaha thats what i call really getting into your designing hahahaha u weenie

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