Monday, August 18, 2008

Surprise!! Love snail mail!

Well, SOMEtimes its good! Just look what I got in the mail today! *big grin*

This came today from Donna, who I am getting to know and I admire her work so much, and she sent ME this! How cute is this??? I love these Doodlefactory creatures so much she does, they always make me smile! (I also had to order a set of my own too, lol!) And see the little charm on the scissors? Isnt that neat?! OMG I love it! You made my day Donna, I cant tell you how much....I'll just say it came at a VERY good time! Big ole hugsssss to you and I'm not letting go first....;)

p.s. I think I figured out how to disable the word verification thingy, let me know if I did or not! LOL! I hate those things, lol, so dont want it on mine either.


Annapurna said...

I guess I better hurry up and become friends with Donna. LOL!
She seems really nice from what little I know her.

Yep no WV here. You did it. Way to go!

Donna Baker said...

WOOHOO! I'm so glad it came at the right time and you like it - because you're so sweet & deserve it! I guess we will be hugging for a LONG time, huh? *smile* oh I hate word verif too - I took mine off WEEKS ago and no spam

Kelli C. said...

How sweet!

Very cute card and adorable little charm!

Janine said...

Lucky you!!!!

Carolyn King said...

super cute!!! donna is a sweetheart!

Lee said...

Oh how fun!!!! I love the charm and so perfect for you!!!

I had to put word verification on 'cuz I kept getting spam comments! I can't believe stupid spammers!

Unknown said...

what a nice friend you have! Great card and charm!

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